Four news slogans that don’t work well

Live. Local. Investigative. This rip-off of “Live. Local. Latebreaking” (or LLL as its often known) completely misses the whole point of why LLL works so well: the alliteration. In other words, LLL makes a great catchy slogan because it uses three words that start with the letter “L” whereas LLI as it could be called abruptly strays from that pattern. There’s also something awkward about the word “investigative” that means the slogan doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well.

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Where the News Comes First You may be surprised to see this one on here, but I have a personal pet peeve against slogans that add unnecessarily words. To me, the “where” weighs down the slogan and also points out something that’s pretty obvious: since, after all, this is the station’s slogan, I think it’s pretty clear the station is “where” the news comes first. These types of slogans can be cleaned up nicely by dropping that empty word: “The News Comes First” is much cleaner and also sounds much more authoritative.

Your Breaking News Station This slogan bugs me for a similar reason as “Where the News Comes First.” To me, the word “your” is unnecessary and just makes the slogan clunky. Why not just use “The Breaking News Station”? Much cleaner and much more powerful.


The Coverage You Expect. The Balance You Deserve. This slogan is just too darn long. Though the two sentences used in at do have a nice parallel structure, it’s just too many words crammed into a slogan. Longer slogans don’t stick in the brain as well. Four to five words is probably the maximum in most situations.

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