WPBF-TV debuts new newscenter


WPBF-TV, the ABC affiliate serving West Palm Beach, has debuted an updated newsroom and set designed by FX Group. The new look uses the bones of the newsplex originally designed by BDI, but with substantial changes to colors, materials and technology.

The design appears to be a breakthrough style for FX Group and a big departure from the usual Hearst-Argyle set designs seen recently at WPBF-TV’s sister stations across the country. Light wood toned arches create a vaulted feel to newsroom, creating a unique look that may have been inspired by the ABC logo’s globe shape. The arches also feature lighted elements on the inner surface, creating a great sense of depth and added visual interest to these architectural features.

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Having already done work at WPEC-TV, this marks the second FX-designed set in the West Palm Beach.

Graphics wise, WPBF-TV also debuted updated graphics that are a bit of a departure from the normal Hearst look. While some elements, such as the ring-like arches, are holdovers from previous Hearst looks, the integration of pink and teal tones is a new direction. The station’s new lower thirds are very similar, although not identical, to those found at other Hearst affiliates.



WPBF-TV has posted a time lapse and photo gallery on its Web site for a behind-the-scenes look at the new set and newsroom. We hope to have more pictures and video of the new set and newsroom soon. Until then, here is the  new open courtesy of FLNewsCenter.com