New KTLA set combines contemporary, traditional looks


The set has an anchor desk fronted by three panels embedded in a metal-toned curved structure. Flanking this are bright white lighted boxes and the desk is topped with a sleek glass top.

The backgrounds include a camera center rear projection screen and large swathes of printed graphics based on the graphics package.

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Above the camera center background are four square-shaped header elements that are bit hard to see in most shots, which is unfortunate because they have the potential to add some great visual interest to an otherwise nondescript header.

The set also includes two flat panel monitors sitting atop contemporary-looking credenza-style units that are used as anchor OTS elements. In addition, another flat panel can be found in a standup are to the left of the set. This area does an interesting job of mixing different surfaces placed at varying angles into a visually-interesting corner of the set topped off by a gently curving header.

One of the strong points of this set is that it manages to convey a sleek, modern look without overdoing it with on-set technology.


The set also does an effective job of mixing some contemporary elements with more traditional elements such as rich blues and wood tones.

This set is significantly better than the one sister station WPIX-TV recently debuted and marks a signifcant departure from the station’s previous look, shown below.


The new set is much more of a traditional look and in many ways is an improvement over the old studio design. However, there were some interesting textural and lighting elements that made the old set stand out among the crowded field of blue and wood tones found on so many sets. The old graphics’ unique color scheme of orange and blueish-gray also provided added interest.