WNNFans.com directs users to Facebook page

World News Now, ABC News’ overnight news broadcast has been promoting the domain “WNNFans.com” on the air as an easier way to get viewers to visit its Facebook page.

The domain automatically sends users who enter it to www.facebook.com/ABCWorldNewsNow (it’s worth nothing the directory name ABC uses “ABCWorldNewsNow” is a bit long, clunky and hard to remember, making the domain even more of a good idea).

It’s also interesting to note that ABC is using Facebook for its entire fan-based site, rather than relying on its own proprietary software or a service such as Ning or KickApps. Not only does Facebook provide much of the same functionality as these services, but it has the advantage of already having a huge user base, negating the need for fans to sign up for yet another account online.