Time Warner rebrands N.Y. cable news channels

The New York Times has an article on Time Warner Cable’s moves to rebrand its local cable news channels in Albany, Syracuse and Rochester, N.Y. under a unified name — “Your News Now.”

A key force behind the name change was the fact that the stations, as they continue to fight for profitability, are increasingly sharing content, thus making a consistent name more important, especially when it comes to reporter tags.

Previously each channel was known by a unique name says as “R News” in Rochester” and “News 10 Now” in Syracuse.

Also included under the new branding are two of Time Warner’s newer cable channels in Buffalo and the Hudson Valley.

One of the cable provider’s news channels, NY1, is exempt from the change, however. Executives say NY1 wasn’t renamed due to its well-known name having been around for 20 years.

Time Warner is now looking to expand the branding scheme across its other properties, with News 8 Austin next on the list. Time Warner is also said to be considering adding news channels in its California markets and may also open a Washington, D.C. bureau for its network of channels.