Stephen Arnold Music develops ‘high-energy theme’ for ‘Prime News’

Stephen Arnold Music recently completed a new “high-energy” theme and music package for HLN’s “Prime News,” building upon the theme they first composed in 2005.

”A great sonic brand forms a cornerstone for the overall brand, even as it continually evolves,” Arnold said. ”We gave ‘Prime News’ a sound that would be instantly recognizable, but would also stand the test of time. CNN HLN is staying the course, and it’s paying off: The latest generation of their sonic brand will continue to reinforce it’s effectiveness with viewers, so that audiences nationwide know exactly what to expect when they hear these three notes.”

The theme, which uses a three note mnemonic, features “vigorous sound design and driving drums/percussion [that] propel the viewer directly towards the day’s top headlines.”

”The approach to the rhythms was a true balancing act,” said Stephen Arnold, President of Stephen Arnold Music. ”They needed energy and confidence without being overly dramatic, since this is a show that airs daily with a wide variety of subject matter. The result is an open that grabs attention without being overwhelming, so that it can work well with any type of storyline.”