WNN tweaks set


ABC’s “World News Now” has tweaked its set a bit. The new look, shown above, adds some slanted elements to either side of the camera center background, eliminates the low railings on either side of the set and adds some additional wood tones. See the “before” photo after the jump.


The tweaks come on the heals of a set revamp at the network’s flagship “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.” Like Sawyer’s new home, the changes made to “Now” are probably best classified as a refresh, though the evening program’s overhaul was much more extensive than the one seen here.

The changes also appear to be functional in nature; the anchors now have access to laptops seated on new work surfaces that jut out from behind the desk.

Overall, the new look seems a bit more polished and streamlined and perhaps a bit more sophisticated with its darker blue and wood tones. The angled elements could also be viewed as a possible visual connection to Sawyer’s set, which has a similar shape found in the anchor desk and riser.