‘Parker Spitzer’ debuts on CNN with roundtable


CNN’s newest program, “Parker Spitzer,” debuted earlier this week from CNN’s HQ in New York City.

The set, designed in the round by Clickspring Design, features a table as it’s center element with large charges around. This layout, common on Sunday morning programs and talk shows, makes for good relationship shots and debate. The set is part of the CNN Communications Center set, CNN’s main set in New York City also used for Anderson Cooper 360, but with many elements being added to create the effect of a new set.

One interesting part of the set deals with the shot framing. For wideshots of the set, the camera will jib up into the air and shoot down at an angle, showing the busy table and hosts.


The round table is an good idea for a debate show, but it appears almost too small and very cluttered with newspapers, notes and mugs.



The set also features a large RP screen behind the hosts with some graphic and Plexiglas panels added to create depth.



Overall the set works well, and it’s nice to see CNN getting something new, instead of rehashing another set (like with the Anderson Cooper set, becoming the Glenn Beck set, becoming the The Joy Behar Show set with some tweaks).