Syracuse station to go HD with new look

WSYR-TV, the Newport Television ABC affiliate serving Syracuse, N.Y. will become the region’s first and only station to broadcast news in HD.

Along with the change, the station is planning a new studio, graphics package and logo.

Currently, the station uses a red box to encase the channel number “9” as its main logo (see the station Web site for an example). The new look shifts to a blue “circle 9” version of the numeral, similar to the one used at KMBC-TV in Kansas City, among other stations.

The station’s current graphics package, from Giant Octopus, picks up on the red in the current logo and adds interesting angled elements. A similar package is in use at KMIZ-TV in Columbia, Mo.

The new look shifts to the blue look found in the new logo and adds 3D block elements.

Read the full story of the switch at the station’s Web site.