‘NewsFix’ soft launches

KIAH-TV, the CW station in Houston, has released a “soft launch” of its anchor-less “NewsFix” program.

From a production standpoint, the program’s use of iPhone-like icons and zooming maps is interesting, though seems to slow things down a bit. The graphics, which are done in a grungy style with an animated rendition of typewriter typehead, are well-produced and have a striking contrast to the rest of the show’s more modern, clean look.

The newscast’s writing is a bit of an odd combination of informal sentence structures, slang (when was the last time you heard the phrase “large and in charge” in a newscast script) and vernacular — and at times, particular during the lead story on Mexico, sounding eerily similar to Keith Morrison on “Dateline NBC.”

It’s clear the producers are trying to achieve a fast-paced program, but often failed to select snappy soundbites that keep that pace up.

Overall, the production comes across as over-produced and overdone — a really very little real takeaway.




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