‘Locals Only’ from Stephen Arnold Music

Stephen Arnold Music has launched the first “user-sourced” news music package that is “constantly evolving.”

Locals Only,” based around a 3-note sonic brand, features 15 themes and moves away from the full orchestral packages of the past. Now, soft rock and guitars anchor this new package. Overall, it doesn’t feel as urgent as some of SAM’s other work and would fit better with an affiliate looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded local news market.

Along with the main themes, each client will also receive at least one custom arrangement. The package also includes a ringtone and image campaign.

Along with the custom aspect, “Locals Only” features a social aspect, where stations can interact with other stations and suggest new mixes. Each station will also be able to login and download cues online as new ones are developed.

“The concept that we’ve put together allows us to update and refresh these packages,” says Chad Cook, Creative Director at Stephen Arnold Music. “Over a year or two that may be up to over 50 or 60 arrangements, including traditional elements, edgy elements, and progressive cuts. What gets overused and tired in many cases are the arrangements, but the notes shouldn’t change because that’s how you build a brand.”

Via B&C


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