Missouri station’s Google+ account killed

First on NewscastStudio: Google has apparently disabled the Google+ account belonging to KOMU-TV, says one of the station’s most prolific Google+ users, anchor Sarah Hill, in a public post in her personal account.

Shortly after opening Google+ to testers, Google went on record as saying that businesses should not create Google+ pages; that a solution tailored for them would be forthcoming. That said, KOMU-TV is hardly the only business to create an account — other popular Google+ pages such as those belonging to Breaking News seem to still be active as of this writing.

KOMU-TV had been leading the way in news media use of Google+, using the service to post updates and hosting Hangouts to interact with viewers.

According to Hill, however, the station will continue to make use of Google+ through staffers’ personal accounts and hopefully will be able to continue its innovative experiments once Google rolls out a platform for businesses.

First on NewscastStudio

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