HLN debuts new site

HLN has launched a new site that brings “must see, must share” news to viewers.

The site uses clean boxes and large images with the dark blue HLN color palette. Overall, its a good move to add a site, but it lacks real news content. Instead of focusing on the headlines, like CNN, it focuses on niche “trending topics.”

Many of the top stories on the site appear to be entertainment and crime related, mirroring some of the HLN prime time lineup.

The largest feature on the homepage is the “HLN 10,” the ten trending topics the site and network are covering. Each topic box has multiple stories, for example a “Dancing with the Stars” topic with a link to an article and two videos, each with a large image to tease.

The site also has a live stream, which links to CNN.com and requires a participating cable provider. CNN is also available streamed.

Inside pages are very clean, with large imagery and social media sharing options. Many HLN shows also have pages on the new site, but some still link to the former HLN home on CNN.com with a bar added at the top.


Currently, most of the ads on the site appear to be house ads for HLN shows, such as Dr. Drew. This raises the question, what is the main purpose of the site? To use sensational stories to draw viewers to HLN or to talk about the news?