Vote in Round 3 of ‘Set Madness’

Round 2 of our “Set Madness” competition attracted over 1,200 votes.

  • In the Network Division, NTV racked up an impressive 73 percent of the votes against “NBC Nightly News”/”Rock Center” and therefore has taken the honor of best network set and sending it on to compete against large market sets for the best set of 2011.
  • The other DMA 1-25 competition against KDTV-TV and WCBS-TV saw WCBS-TV winning by about 100 votes, making it the winner of this category.
  • In the smaller market division, WSYR-TV took home a narrow win against WZTV-TV.
  • In the Cable Division, MSNBC’s Studio 3K handily defeated “Speed Center,” receiving almost half of all votes cast.

We’re getting closer to declaring a winner and it’s your chance to vote again! The winners of this round of voting will go head-to-head to battle for the honor of best set of 2011!

Network/DMAs 1-25 Divisions

DMAs 25+/Cable Divisions

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