Kansas City station rebrands

KSHB-TV, the NBC affiliate in Kansas City, Mo., has dropped its “NBC Action News” branding in favor of “41 Action News.”

The station’s reworked logo, shown above, includes elements from the old logo, shown at right, but features a smaller NBC peacock and large white and red “41” numerals.

The changes were launched beginning with the station’s 10 p.m. newscast Sunday after the Super Bowl and premiere of “The Voice.”

KSHB-TV also made some minor modifications to its set, some of which were kept off-camera until the launch.

In addition, the station has switched from using the domain “nbcactionnews.com” to simply “kshb.com.”

The new branding is an interesting move that shifts the station’s network affiliation to a less prominent position. It’s not clear if the change is meant to better emphasize the station’s channel number or to distance itself from NBC’s recent ratings problems (if this is the case, however, it’s somewhat ironic that the change was made after the highly-rated Super Bowl and standout hit “The Voice.”)



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