Developing: Set in Studio 3C scrapped at 30 Rock

Tipsters inside 30 Rock are telling NewscastStudio that the set in Studio 3C, the new home of WNBC-TV, has been completely dismantled, returning the studio to a blank box. NewscastStudio is working to confirm these tips with the station, but NBC usually does not comment on these issues.

The set design for NBC’s top station has been plagued with many issues. Now a new set appears months away.

After initially planning for a February debut, senior management wanted changes to the set, noting it was too similar to competitor WABC-TV.

UPDATE: The majority of the set has been removed, with only a small portion remaining. It is unknown if the part removed will be returned to Studio 3C.

Tipsters also told NewscastStudio the new set resembled closely the set of WABC-TV.

This is not the first time NBC has had issues with set design. One can only remember back to the days of Conan O’Brien, or to KNBC-TV’s recent building issues.