New Chicago set gets mixed reaction from viewers

After announcing its new set on Facebook with a gallery of photos, viewers took to the social media site to comment on the new look.

The reaction, at least on Facebook, appears to be mixed to negative.

Some negative comments:

“I don’t like the new set. The poor lighting puts 10 years on Carol. And I thought technology was meant to make things smaller, why does Brant need so much space for computer generated graphics. It’s almost like a Freudian thing, does the square footage of the weatherman’s space make him any better?”

“The lighting is awful!! The lighting is flat and over lit. The overall feel of the set is cold and sterile. Not a fan.”

“I’m a big fan of the team and the broadcast but I do no (sic) like your new set. Again, I do no like your new set. To me it seems very dated. Your old set was so much better. I think it’s time to go back to the drawing board and come up with something stunning. I really hope you do so.”

That said, there were some positive comments, though they were decidedly less detailed:


“Love the new on screen graphics.”

“I like that there aren’t people from outside the window jumping around behind the anchors while they’re trying to tell serious news stories. That was always so distracting.”

“Like how bright it is!”

“Love the new set!”

You can read all the comments here.