, Yahoo! partnership drives big gains

Just five months into a strategic partnership, and Yahoo! are celebrating big traffic gains that have catapulted the combined sites to the top online news source.

In February 2012 more people got their news online from the Yahoo!-ABC News Network than any other website. 

The combined venture outperformed CNN by 51 percent, AOL/Huffington Post by 56 percent, MSNBC by 58 percent, CBS News by 138 percent and The New York Times by 191 percent.  Traffic to ABC News Digital content has increased more than 170 percent and video streams increased 173 percent since the alliance was announced in October.

It’s important to note that these figures represent the combination of both Yahoo! News and ABC News traffic. Prior to its partnership with ABC, Yahoo! News was already a strong news site that was one of the few shining stars in the fading Yahoo! portfolio. By combining efforts, Yahoo! gained access to additional content from ABC News and ABC was able to leverage the strength of not only Yahoo! News but all of the portal’s properties.

“In the past five months the strategic alliance of ABC News and Yahoo! has exceeded our expectations. As we chart a course to be number one in news and information, we’re just getting started delivering on the promise of this powerful partnership,” said Ben Sherwood, president, ABC News, in a statement issued by the two companies. “It is motivating to see the demand for our video series grow virtually overnight, especially when the biggest advertisers in the country are thirsting for new strategic opportunities in online video.”

The new partnership has also proven beneficial to The new site, also a partnership with Yahoo!, has posted impressive gains, with twice as many people visit compared to GMA’s sitehas tripled its monthly traffic and grown 25 percent each month since launch.