Stephen Arnold introduces a new image package for local news

Stephen Arnold Music has unveiled “This is the Place” – a new fully-produced audio/video package offering local TV stations a market-exclusive image campaign that is both highly customizable and affordable.

This new branding package follows on the heels of  “It’s All About Early,” a market-exclusive morning image campaign that saw widespread adoption by dozens of stations following its introduction in 2011.

The up-tempo music and evocative video elements of “This is the Place” combine for a bundle that is available in 60s/30s/15s/10s and ID format, and includes both male and female vocal versions.

“’This is the Place’ is the ideal sequel to ‘It’s All About Early,’ which proved to be of great benefit to local TV stations,” said Stephen Arnold, President, Stephen Arnold Music. “With ‘This is the Place,’ we’ve produced a complete road map for delivering a unique, memorable vision.”

Produced by the creative team at Stephen Arnold Music in collaboration with the Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter Greg Barnhill, the core of “This is the Place” is an energizing pop song built around uplifting lyrics about the emotional connection to home, addictive guitar hooks and an upbeat vibe.

The campaign’s title track is matched to fully-produced and edited HD video made specifically to match the song, ready for stations to drop in their logo, talent and local footage to get on the air quickly and conveniently. In addition, the full length song is available on iTunes as a single for viral promotions.

“Stephen Arnold Music has successfully created the sonic brands for hundreds of local TV stations,” saidChad Cook, VP Creative Director. “’This is the Place’ builds on that experience, combining the musical experience with imagery that would fit perfectly. The result is a fresh, market-exclusive local imaging campaign that can quickly go to air. It’s a cost-effective toolkit for making a direct connection with your audience.”


Stephen Arnold Music is an advertiser on NewscastStudio