misreports health care ruling botched its announcement of the Supreme Court’s health care ruling this morning, running the headline and breaking news box shown above.

The network also made the same inaccurate announcement on its cable channel and also issued email alerts and notifications via its mobile apps.

Confusion propagated the twittersphere as other networks and news outlets reported the mandate was upheld.

Here’s a screen shot of the email alert:

Shortly after posting the incorrect information, CNN updated its homepage with a correction:


The network also quickly deleted posts on its “This Just In” blog with the erroneous information.

Part of the source of the confusion could have been due to the fact that the high court ruled that the mandate is, in fact, unconstitutional, but could be upheld under a tax clause.

Meanwhile, looked a bit foolish, still saying the ruling was forthcoming even as most other major news outlets were reporting the result:

The Web was quick to respond to tweets bashing CNN:

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