A dramatic yet inviting composition for Axs.tv launch

On July 2nd, HDNet transitioned to AXS.tv, a new channel dedicated to pop culture coverage. Scoring the launch was Stephen Arnold Music.

“AXS TV is committed to presenting the best of pop culture,” said Stephen Arnold, president of Stephen Arnold Music. “We knew that called for authentic music that would do justice to those ambitious objectives. The compositions for the channel IDs and promo beds are compelling to AXS TV’s audience because they’re warm-sounding and organic, but modern at the same time.”

Stephen Arnold Music has previously worked with HDNet to create scores for various programs, including “Dan Rather Reports.”

Scoring to picture, the composers at Stephen Arnold Music created a dramatic, yet inviting composition designed to connect with AXS TV’s younger demographic.

Set against a compelling visual, where the camera pans across an animated modern nighttime skyline crossed with gleaming spotlight beams, the music helps define AXS TV as a very exciting and inviting place.

The channel ID begins with several seconds of sound design, where Stephen Arnold Music combined many layers of urban sounds – including traffic, people in a restaurant, birds, dogs barking, and children playing – for an anticipatory “symphony of the city”.

Next a compelling string arrangement arrives over a modern beat, before resolving into an acoustic guitar that provides equal parts tension, release and satisfaction. After a spacious resolve, the piece quickly builds up again and continues strongly on to accommodate promo beds of varying lengths.