New Univision logo blooms

Spanish language Univision has redesigned its iconic flower-shaped logo after using the previous design for over 20 years.

The new design remains faithful to the old logo, shown above (though it has been through several type treatments over the years), with matching colors and shape, but with gradients and 3-D gel like effects added.

Of particular note is the purple “petal” which now sports a gentle curve that makes it even easier to interpret the symbol as a flower. It’s also worth noting this portion also reflects the green section next to it, which is a nice touch.

Designers also opted for a new typeface, and selected one that contains a “U” and “N”s that match the curve of the logo. Text appears in a dark gray, which gives it a softer feel.

This new logo follows a growing trend of logos being rendered with 3-D effects, most notably with the recent redesign of the Arby’s restaurant logo. The Arby’s design was criticized by some for using low quality 3-D design and, while the Univision logo’s 3-D treatment is much higher quality, it still suffers in the some areas, particularly to the right edge where the designers almost seemed to have run out of steam and just added a subtle white shading effect. It would have been nice to see more of the gel, glasslike effect on the green and blue quadrants of the logo.