ESPN updates ‘NBA Countdown’ with new digs and graphics

Christmas Day ushered in major changes for ESPN’s “NBA Countdown,” including a new 4,000 sq. ft. set and revamped graphics package.

Located at ESPN’s Los Angeles Production Center, the new set features six automated video displays and lots of room for analysis.

“This new set will allow for an even better showcase of the dynamic personalities and various perspectives that defines the program,” said Mark Gross, ESPN senior vice president and executive producer. “The combination of more tools and more space will enable our commentators to further emphasize key points and elaborate on analysis, which will significantly enhance the fan experience.”

The set is the largest at ESPN’s LA hub and includes four 8’x5’ LED displays, two large plasmas, a large oval-shaped desk and an LED color-changing surround curtain.

Designed after the new graphics package, the set features lots of motion from the movable video monitors. A big part of the new graphics and set are moving player images.


These monitors are similar to those on the recent Fox Sports set by Clickspring Design. They can be arranged in various patterns and also create one large monitor wall, moving around the desk both horizontally and vertically.

Overall, the set has plenty of room and lots of movement. On air, the set looks great and matches ESPN’s continued set evolution.