‘New Day’ clutter obscures on screen action in meteoric fail

During this morning’s edition of “New Day,” the last story in news anchor Michaela Pereira’s news segment was a story about a meteor that was visible in the southeastern U.S.

Being a television network, CNN probably thought, “hey, a picture is worth a thousands words, right?” Well, not if that picture is obscured by your onscreen clutter.

As Pereira read her voiceover, she told viewers to keep an eye on the bottom of their screen to see the streak of light caused by the space object.

It was a helpful tip — except the action was covered up by the show’s lower third and news and weather ticker.

Pereira and coanchors Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo seemed to be viewing a “clean” version of the clip from their vantage point in the studio, as they kept referring to the onscreen action.

Eventually someone in the control room figured out that viewers couldn’t see the event being discussed and killed the lower third and ticker, but the CNN bug, show logo and blue line separating the lower third and ticker remained on screen for a few more moments before all the graphics except the CNN logo were eliminated.

“Can we move that picture up a little bit?” asked Cuomo.

“No, I think we’re incapable of it at the moment,” responded Bolduan.