St. Louis station launches news boat

KTVI-TV, the Fox affiliate in St. Louis, has unveiled a new type of news vehicle — a boat.

The boat, which has been dubbed “AquaFOX,” is sponsored by a local water sports company, was debuted at the St. Louis Boat & Sportshow.

AquaFOX joins the station’s SkyFOX helicopter as well as a fleet of more traditional automobiles. And, like those vehicles, AquaFOX featured prominent station branding along with an even larger logo of its sponsor, Stateamind Water Sports.

While you may not think of St. Louis as being a city that needs a boat to cover the news, the station points out that its viewing area has the Mississippi River running directly through it.

In addition, the station plans to use AquaFOX to share boat and water safety stories in partnership with its sponsor.

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