WTA opens season with a new graphical look from (n+1)

(n+1) designstudio designed an updated opening sequence for the Women’s Tennis Association tournament broadcasts. The sequence will debut at the WTA’s first Premier Mandatory event of the season at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, Calif. on Wednesday, March 5.

WTA enlisted the help of (n+1) designstudio to create a strong broadcast opening that expresses its universal presence of its athletes and global brand awareness.

WTA Opening from (n+1) designstudio on Vimeo.

“This opening has been under discussion and review for a year, and we could not be more pleased with (n+1) designstudio’s work,” said John Learing, vice president of broadcasts at WTA. “Viewers are in for a treat as they virtually travel through the various locations of our tournaments at the top of our broadcasts. We are happy to partner with (n+1) designstudio and look forward to working with the team in the future.”

(n+1) designstudio crafted the opening sequence beginning with a shot of a tennis ball that then zooms in on the ball to reveal a conceptual world on the ball’s surface.

Viewers are transported from location to location across the globe, including Paris and Rome, which are some of the major locations of the WTA’s tournaments this year. The sequence ends with a virtual trip through Singapore, the location of this year’s WTA Tour Championships tournament, before zooming out to reveal the tennis ball again.

In addition to highlighting various locations around the world, (n+1) designstudio incorporated footage of the top players projected on-location.


“Being able to help brand the WTA with our opening sequence is an honor,” said Bob English, senior creative director of (n+1) designstudio. “The conceptual world we created is unique and meant to spotlight the vast number of countries that the WTA will travel to this year during its tournaments, as well as the players who hail from the diverse locations.”