Riptide ONE launches with new curated music source

Riptide Music Group,a Los Angeles-based music sync licensing and publishing company, has created “Riptide ONE,” an exclusively-represented, one-stop music catalog.

Riptide ONE is a carefully curated commercial song and big-screen trailer music catalog from active, award-winning bands, indie artists, producers, and record labels.

Said Rich Goldman, president of Riptide Music Group, “The Riptide ONE catalog delivers music that moves us. Excites us. And speaks to picture. We’re calling this collection of music Riptide ONE, because the ‘ONE’ stands for ‘one-stop,’ meaning that we control both the master and publishing, making licensing a snap. And this music is 100% exclusive to us. It can’t be found anywhere else.”

With thousands of major credits, songs from the Riptide ONE catalog have been widely used by the Hollywood entertainment community for years – an industry that has long trusted Riptide’s knack for finding great emerging indie artists from around the planet. During the past few years, the advertising/brand community has also been regularly turning to Riptide’s catalogs for national, international, and regional TV advertising campaigns.

Adds Keatly Haldeman, Riptide’s CEO, “There are some amazing songs in this catalog. Many of the artists and producers have received critical acclaim, winning awards such as the JUNO, the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and the International Songwriting Competition. We’re honored to work with them, and to present them to the advertising and sync licensing communities.”