CNBC debuts new graphics package

CNBC unveiled a new dayside graphics package today, giving the network a sharper look.

“The powerful redesign features an engaging and improved way to deliver the important content and data CNBC viewers want,” said Jennifer Dauble of CNBC.

The new look includes:

  • Bug Stack – new look features a bug stack on the lower right
  • Real-Time Data – charts and boards have new highlighting features to correspond to what talent is referencing
  • Fluid & Dynamic Motion – the motion of our screen is fluid and integrated
  • Graphics – the new look features a very clean and clear screen with a modern tone
  • Animated Elements– all of the new screen components have animation both on and off as well as from one element to another


As a result of the new package, the sidebar is no longer fixed and appears when needed. This is a welcome change, as it allows better shot blocking.

Overall the look is clean and polished, a great upgrade for the network.