NBC partners with SurveyMonkey

NBC News and SurveyMonkey are embarking new partnership that will enable them to harness the best of the Web’s wide reach and real-time reaction combined with scientific methodology and journalistic standards, according to a release issued by the network.

NBC News and SurveyMonkey will work together to deliver in-depth assessments of public attitudes and explore new approaches to survey research.

(We’re also betting it will be rather entertaining to hear NBC anchors say “according to an NBC News-SurveyMonkey poll” on air.)

The network announced the partnership in a press release titled “58% OF AMERICANS WANT FLIGHTS BANNED FROM EBOLA COUNTRIES,” which references the partnership’s first survey, which is detailed here.

The collaboration aims to improve the overall quality of online surveys through systematic exploratory research. The teams will work carefully to advance key learnings on how to deliver quality public opinion data that leverages decades of proven polling best practices and today’s technologies, including some of the tactics outlined here.

Two veterans of academic and public opinion research, John Lapinski and Jon Cohen, are leading the team which will consist of leading social scientists and survey practitioners.

Lapinski heads the Elections Unit at NBC News and is an associate professor in the department of political science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Cohen is the vice president of survey research at SurveyMonkey and was the former head of polling at the Washington Post and vice president of research at the nonpartisan think tank, Pew Research.