Letterman pokes fun at Brian Williams with Top 10 list

David Letterman, whose late night talk show interview has become one of the pivotal video clips in the case against “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams, took the opportunity to get a laugh out of the situation on last night’s episode.

He presented one of his famous “Top 10 Lists” entitled: “Things Brian Williams Said That May or May Not Be True.”

  • “It’s a thrill to be on your show, Dave.”
  • “I’ve never been to a strip club.”
  • “My temporary replacement, Lester Holt, once killed a guy with his bare hands.”
  • “I invented nachos”
  • “Boy, did I enjoy Mortdecai!”
  • “I recently defeated Bill O’Reilly and Richard Simmons in a cage match.”
  • “Have you met my sisters, Venus and Serena Williams?”
  • “I was initiated into manhood by Sandra Day O’Conner.”
  • “Up next, a profile of Mitch McConnell you’ll find fascinating.”
  • I’m proud to hail from the great state of New Jersey.”