Miami Univision moves to Newsport

Miami’s Univision 23, WLTV-TV, moved into the Newsport in January, debuting a new studio stocked with technology.

Designed by Pulso Design, the set features a newsroom background with a mix of backlit panels and steel accents.


The anchor desk mixes backlit elements, plexiglass and two monitors to create a contemporary look for WLTV-TV.

To the right is a 8×2 curved monitor wall, using Barco KVD-5521 IPS panels. Jim Landy, and the team from AV Design Services, Inc., worked on the technology integrations for the project with The Light Design Group and Senior Designer Brian McRae lighting the set.


A weather center is located next to the monitor wall and includes eight more monitors and a large desk with backlit railings.

A standup area is located to the left of the anchor desk and includes blurred out graphics and a few backlit strips along with a monitor.



The newsroom, which is shared with Fusion, has been updated with a 12×3 portrait mode monitor array, creating a large video wall that appears behind the anchors, and an LED 6mm ticker.

The array was built from NEC X554UNS panels and a Leyard LED on a custom extruded aluminum frame attached to steel beams installed between two existing beams. The entire setup was installed in six days with a crew of five.

The new set is an upgrade for WLTV-TV and moves it inline with the investment in Fusion.

Tour of the new set: