intensiKey launches virtual sets for mobile devices

Initially launching on Android and Windows devices, intensiKey Live brings real-time virtual set software to a broader set of devices.

“With half of all devices on earth running on Android we felt it was time to port our intensiKey Live PC software over to a growing OS,” said Eric Pratt, CEO of Virtualsetworks. “intensiKey Live fits into so many workflows; from production studios to business presentations to video calls. It’s really going to change things.”

Capable of interfacing with Skype, webcams, capture cards, remotes and peripherals, the software allows virtual sets to enter new markets. Record to your phone or take the HDMI out to a switcher, stream over RTSP or input to Skype, intensiKey Live comes with 6 texture baked realtime 3d virtual sets that let you place the camera and talent anywhere in the set.

A downloadable trial is available on the companies website, with a iPhone version to launch soon.