United States Golf Association adds flexible studio with upgrade

The United States Golf Association teed off a flexible studio this summer, part of a broadcast facility upgrade at its Far Hills, New Jersey headquarters.

The studio will be used to make announcements, produce original content and facilitate the participation of USGA guests in outside broadcasts (providing a remote location).

Designed by George Allison and Eric Siegel, the set connects on-set talent to the “rolling greens and fairways” found on golf courses through the use of large monitors.

Three Sharp 90” displays are aligned in a semi-circle, flanked by wooden walls with metal dividers and changeable branded areas. Backlit lit squares adorn the curved header, creating almost a halo over the set. The sets main backdrop was chosen to showcase USGA’s library of panoramic course imagery, changeable at the click of a mouse.

The sets most unique element is the desk, patterned after a golf club.



“The design of the ‘driver’ desk – as we call it – came out of our fascination with the sensuous shape of the golf club’s head, many famous variations of which are prominently displayed in the museum below (at the USGA headquarters),” said Eric Siegel.

“Its complex curves and cantilevered top were a fun challenge for the artisans at Gotham Scenic, who fabricated its base by building it up – layer by layer – and then hand polishing it to a lustrous finish.”

The studio was lit by Dennis Size of The Lighting Design Group, with the assistance of gaffer Lesli Tilly. Kevin Landy, the director of broadcasting for USGA, oversaw the project.

The space was built with future expansion in mind, giving it a large amount of flexibility as USGA’s video needs increase.