Viewer spots super unlucky sports graphic

If you’re a Cleveland Browns or San Diego Chargers fan and are even the least bit superstitious, then you might want to avoid black cats and mirrors for a bit.

A user on Reddit grabbed a shot of a very specific moment of the game earlier this week that was a sort of a perfect storm of unluckiness.

Take a look: It’s 3rd and 13 with 13 minutes and 13 seconds to go in the 3d quarter. And the play clock is at 3.

In the United States, 13 is widely considered an unlucky number (many buildings won’t label floors or rooms with “13”). If that’s not enough, 3 is sometimes considered unlucky as well.

In parts of Asia, it’s considered unlucky to take a photo with three people in it — if you do, then the person in the middle will die first, according to lore. However, according to the Chinese, three is actually considered lucky — since it sounds the word for “alive” — while “4,” which sounds similar to the word for “death,” is considered highly unlucky.