6 disturbing TV anchor Halloween costumes

Now that Halloween has come and gone, here’s some food for thought: Is dressing up news personalities in Halloween costumes on air a good idea? Well, these six examples might help convince you that it’s not.

The Today Show’s “Peanuts” themed Halloween costume getup, besides being a not-so-veiled commercial for the film, was by far one of the most oddly disturbing TV anchor Halloween costumes we’ve seen. From the odd lumpy costumes to caked on makeup to Matt Lauer dressed as Lucy, the entire thing wasn’t all that appetizing to wake up to.

Matt Makens and Eric Lupher of KMGH-TV in Denver got into the Halloween spirit this year with two rather odd costumes — and one of them managed to complete the effect with a dance (if you can call it that) on the set.

Bloomberg anchor Tom Keene appeared in this 2013 segment on the most popular Halloween costumes dressed up, albeit virtually, in drag.

Colorado KXRM-TV anchors Justin Chambers and Craig Coffey appeared on air dressed as “Flintstones” characters.

KCPQ-TV traffic reporter Adam Gehrke decided to slip into a chroma key green suit back in 2008 as his “Halloween costume.” What we he going as? A floating head and necktie is our best guess.

WFXL-TV in Albany, Ga., treated viewers to “Meteorologist Monster” back in 2012. However, it ended up looking more like the forecaster was wearing some kind of suit made from a certain type of prophylactic — complete with a suggestive tail that didn’t help matters. To top it all off, the anchors changed into costumes during the commercial break.