Readers pick notable Channel 2 station logos

Last week, we picked our favorite “2” logos — now it’s your turn.

Still have other favorites? Let us know in the comments and we’ll consider them for a future installment.



Although WJBK-TV in Detroit has since switched to using a Fox O&O-inspired design, the station’s previous “2” was a unique combination of two lines that twist in tandem with each other — much like CNN’s logo.



Meanwhile, St. Louis’ Fox affiliate KTVI-TV also uses a design taken from the Fox O&O look, but this logo is notable for its clean and sharp numeral. Of particular note is the lower left “point” on the number.




Spokane’s KREM-TV’s numeral itself isn’t all that notable, but its used of a right-pointing chevron on the opposite side of the log is. Not only does the element suggest a “play” button and forward movement, but it also closely (but not exactly) mirrors the strokes in the “K” next to it.

It’s also worth noting that that shape and angles of the chevron have subtle similarities to those found in the “2.”

Interestingly, the point of the two also mimics an arrow while the negative space inside the “2” also has a faint suggestion of an arrow.



KATU-TV in Portland’s “2” is boxed by an off-axis red shape, while the “tail” of the number itself has been extended and slashed diagonally. The number also has a slight suggestion of a forward tilt.

That said, the angles of the box around the “2” do make the logo come across as a bit disjointed. The left side could have been adjusted ever-so-slightly to better line up with the left side of the number. The same could be said for the angle on the tail and the right side of the box.



Oakland’s KTVU-TV uses what’s become known as the “Circle Laser 2.” The number “2” is created by the negative space inside a circle.

The number’s upper left and lower right strokes are exaggerated to extend to the edge of the circle, a look that also creates a smooth, flowing look that’s also tastefully retro.

This logo has one great example of a careful lockup — note how the top of the upper left stroke of the “2” negative space aligns with the top of the “Fox” wordmark (it’s also worth noting that the “Fox” logo wasn’t always part of the station’s look).

Interestingly, however, the same can’t be said of the base of the “2” and “Fox.”



WFMY-TV, the CBS affiliate in Greensboro, N.C. is simple but makes use of a small edit to create a unique look.


Instead of terminating in a sharp point like some of the logos we’ve seen above, the lower left tip is “chopped” off at an angle that matches the “tail” on the right side.

While this strategy gives the number a forward-feeling look, the non-angled letters in the format shown here creates an odd gap that increases from top to bottom — which could have been eliminated by using slightly angled typography.



Honolulu Fox affiliate KHON-TV uses a take on the “circle 7” logo that also includes subtle references to the tropical climate in the blue gel-like background.

This design does differ slightly from more traditional “circle 7” look since the numeral itself appears to sit on top of the ring, rather than become part of it. Also of note in this logo is the all lowercase call sign with the extended “leg” of the “K.”