Q&A: Fluotec adding 5K LED fresnel to product line

Fluotec recently released the VegaLux 500, a professional grade lighting fixture that it calls the “5K substitute of the sun.”

Ing. Jose Maria Noriega C.A.S, the chief marketing officer at Fluotec, describes more about this instrument and its advantages in a recent interview with NewscastStudio.

What makes the VegaLux 500 unique?

The VegaLux 500 is one of the most powerful yet efficient lighting StudioLED Fresnels in the world and features a 5,000 Watt incandescent equivalent output with only 558 watt power draw, which represents 85 to 89 percent reduction in energy consumption over a comparable fixture.

Its adjustable beam can be changed from 9o to 44o degrees and provides pure full spectrum white light with high ‎color rendition indexes of 90-plus CRI & TLCI.


The instrument also features illuminance values of almost 54,000 lux in the spot position of a 9o-degree beam at 3mt (9,406 lumen output) and 3,083 lux in the flood position of a 44o-degree beam at 3mt (12,695 lumen output).Robust and efficient design that allows the substitution of inefficient and bulky HMI and Incandescent lights in studio and production lighting environments.

VegaLux also features a robust and efficient design that allows the substitution of inefficient and bulky HMI and incandescent lights in studio and production lighting environments.

For talent, the instrument boasts excellent color rendition of skin tones and stage colors with high inces of greater than 90 CRI & TLCI.


VegaLux also includes the award-winning Halodim and Nebula LED technologies that includes software and heat dissipation hardware with a silent fan for a very efficient cooling design that sets new standards in professional LED lighting equipment.

The unit weighs in at 18.5 kg. or 40.78 lbs. and measures 46.4 cm/18.3″ wide by 81 cm/31.9″ hight and 57.8 cm/52.4″ in depth.

What key features does the light have?

This 15-inch fresnel fixture emits a variable beam with a manual zoom knob and is available in both daylight or Correlated Color Temperatures.

The lamp also features full range stepless flicker free dimming via DMX or with on-board local panel control. The VegaLux 500 also doesn’t require bulky external ballasts or expensive power infrastructure in the studio facility.

What are the benefits of an LED fresnel compared to a traditional incandescent?

In addition to the energy saving and wide range of features, VegaLux also has the advantage of lower power consumption in generator-powered field productions while also lower energy costs and carbon footprints in studio-based environments.

The VegaLux is also rated at 50,000 hours of operation, reducing the costs of stocking spare bulbs, performing maintenance on the instruments and labor costs when fixtures need changed.

What will be the price point of the 500 and when will it begin to ship?

The price point will be around $3,500 and it will be available for the first quarter of 2017 and ready to ship to dealers in NAB 2017.

Fluotec will showcase the new VegaLux 500 light, along with its full product line, at the upcoming NAB Show New York on November 9-10 in booth #1549. Anyone wishing to attend the event can use guest pass code NY9574 to register for the exhibits free of charge.