S.C. station debuts new set

Columbia, South Carolina CBS affiliate WLTX-TV has debuted a colorful new set from FX Design Group.

The new set includes a 4×2 video wall and standing, internally lit anchor desk with station branding.

Throughout the set, internally lit color changing backgrounds, columns and frames add vibrancy to the set design.

In other places, a light gray finish is banded with darker gray finishes to provide strong contrast to these colorful components while still keeping textural elements.

Panorama of set design from FX Design Group.

Panorama of set design from FX Design Group.

The look and feel of the internally lit columns and frames are also mirrored in places using these more subtle finishes.

Elsewhere the set includes an interview area with printed backgrounds and a multipurpose demo-style area in one corner, which is covered in the banded finish and includes open, contemporary shelving.