Notable Channel 11 TV station logo designs

Here’s our roundup of Channel 11 TV station logo designs.



WPXI-TV, the Cox Media owned NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, uses what might be called a “Circle 11” logo.

The logo is built from a ring that, just before intersecting at the base, juts upward to form two vertical lines with diagonal tops.

The resulting logo is a design that evokes skyscrapers or strong pillars while also creating a clean look.

The station typically runs its call signs in Trajan next to the logo, which mirrors strong and bold strokes in the logo.

Incidentally, WPXI-TV’s call signs are actually a reference to the number 11 as well — the “P” being short of “Pittsburgh” and “XI” being Roman numerals for “11.”




WXIA-TV, the Tegna owned NBC affiliate in Atlanta, uses a simple and strong approach to the number 11 as well.

The station’s logo is formed with two identical serif “1”s that have a distinct diagonal slash with a slight and elegant hook on the end of the serif.

The logo is merged together at its base, which makes the two glyphs flow together as one.

Meanwhile, behind each “1” is a blue box, each in a slightly different shade. The “hook” of the right “1” extends slightly into the left box, which is the darker blue hue.

The base, however, is also one area that could have been refined to have the far left and right edges of the “feet” either extended outside the background boxes or cut a bit shorter to allow for more of the blue tones to show through. As it stands, the slivers of blue on either side of the bottom of the “11” look almost like a mistake.

A red bar at the base of the logo houses the word “Alive” in all caps, which makes the logo double as a reference to the station’s on air branding, “11Alive.”

It’s worth noting that WXIA-TV’s call sign also contains the Roman numeral “11” — with the “A” at the end being a reference to “Atlanta” or “Alive.”



Up the east coast, WBAL-TV, Hearst’s NBC affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland, takes a blockier approach to its “11.”

The two “1”s in the logo are pressed up against each other — so much that the right one overlaps the right side of the left “1.”

The result is an almost square footprint with a protruding “hook” on the “1” with a small curved notch taken from the upper left.

In most renditions of the logo, meanwhile, thick line of negative space defines the left side of the second “1.”




WTVD-TV, the ABC O&O in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, features a similar approach, though its two “1”s are spaced out instead of being / and both numbers are set in an italic typeface.

Because of this, the logo does have a somewhat awkward slice of negative space between the numbers, which is especially noticeable under the “hook” of the second “1.”



In Texas, KTVT-TV, the CBS O&O in Dallas/Ft. Worth, includes two bold italic ones with the negative space between the two used to create a sort of oblong star.

The star, which is rotated slightly, so that the left side of the second “1” forms two of the star’s “arms.”

In addition to the more obvious reference to a “Lone Star,” the logo can also be read as a forward pointing arrow.

The glyphs used in the “11” is thick with slightly thinner “caps” that include two sloped diagonal lines. The left side of the “caps,” are at a slightly different angle than the main part of the “1”s, which creates a small, thin point in the negative space between characters, which could be interpreted as a subtle nod to the points in the star.

This post is part of a semi-regular series on NewscastStudio that takes a look at TV station and network logos that include the numbers 1 and up. These posts aren’t meant to be a comprehensive list of all logos featuring the number in question, but rather a look at notable logos with creative, historic or an otherwise significant impact on branding design. If you have other logos with the number featured in this post, feel free to share it in the comments and stay tuned for a “reader’s favorites” version of this post coming soon.