Production Music Podcast – A Conversation with Frank Gari

In our inaugural Production Music Podcast, we chat with Frank Gari, a composer who’s work can be heard around the globe and in most U.S. TV markets.

From local affiliate news music packages to network image campaigns, Frank has had a career filled with unique compositions.

“I think the main difference is the melodic, catchy, and memorable melodies of our themes. Our orchestrations are full, we use the absolute best arrangements and musicians on the planet, we recorded at the best studios, working with the best engineers that know how to get the best sound out of an orchestra, which really seems to be a lost art these days,” said Gari during our interview.

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Dak Dillon
Dak Dillon is NewscastStudio's Editor In Chief and a partner in HD Media Ventures, LLC, its parent company. Dak has covered broadcast technology and creative design for over 15 years and has practical experience in the industry including a Promax Gold Award.