Notable Channel 13 TV station logo designs

Here’s a look at some notable Channel 13 TV station logo designs.

At one time, select Channel 13 stations latched on to the unlucky nature of the number 13 and featured a black cat as part of their marketing efforts, as shown in this vintage design from KTRK in Houston.

The number “13” also opens up some unique design opportunities, given that the left side is narrow and the right side is wider.


ABC O&O KTRK in Houston, Texas, uses a “Circle 13” logo of sorts — though the number “13” does not touch the ring surrounding it. The circular shape is also “squared off” with two blue, one white and one red corner, with the layout inspired by the Texas flag. The red corner, in the lower left, is also sometimes said to represent the station’s home city being the southeast of part of Texas.


Fox O&O WTVT in Tampa, Florida, uses a similar logo lockup as many other stations owned by the network, but its “13” numerals are a bit unique, featuring a sharp diagonal from the upper right to the lower left. The logo’s angles are found in the “cap” of the “1” and numerous places in the “3.”