Los Angeles bureau studio update for CNN debuts

CNN’s newly revamped Los Angeles studio returned to service Monday during “CNN Newsroom” with John Vause and Isha Sesay.

The updates, from JHD Group, refresh many finishes on the existing set framework, along with adding new backlit LED elements and a Leyard TWA series LED video wall studio center from AV Design Services. Jeff Hall’s JHD Group designed the original set, which was originally intended for HLN’s “Dr. Drew,” seeing multiple updates as CNN has increased its L.A. footprint.

Another noticeable change includes a new desk system, which can transform based on the show and format, able to accommodate multiple hosts or panelists. The standing height desk, as well, can be used for standups with nearby monitors.

Carol Costello’s “Across America” will use the studio when it debuts later this month on HLN, along with “Michaela.”

Images courtesy of CNNfan.org