4 ways stations brand their late newscasts

At most stations, the latest newscast is considered the flagship newscast of the day, so some stations work to distinguish the broadcast from the others with a unique name beyond just “at 11.”

This first branding has a variety of interesting ways it can be applied. 

At stations that don’t happen to be on Channel 11 or 10, the name “11 at 11” or “10 at 10” is often used to refer to the length of the newscast’s A block. 

Often stations will advertise that the first 11 (or 10) minutes of the newscast includes a look at news, sports and weather, albeit a condensed “teaser” version of the latter two.

For stations lucky enough to be on 10 or 11 on the dial, the name can be used to simply refer to the newscast or, in a three-way branding strategy, used to reference the length the newscast runs before the first commercial break.

For what it’s worth, the name “9 at 9” and other numbers are also used, though more sporadically.