Zero Density celebrates one year, upgrades Reality platform

Zero Density, a developer of advanced virtual studio and augmented reality solutions, will be showing the latest updates to its Reality system during NAB.

With Reality 2.0, you will be experiencing GPU accelerated real-time keyer (Reality Keyer) which helps to create a realistic composite in green screen productions.

Reality 2.0’s new features:

  • Unreal Engine 4.15.1 support
  • Full HDR Rendering Pipeline,
  • Reality now renders multiple 3D passes (such as shadow, ambient occlusion, reflections, bloom and lens flares) and composites these passes over the incoming video image,
  • 4:4:4 RGB video I/O
  • SMPTE 2084 HDR Video I/O,
  • Rec 2020 Colorspace,
  • Support for HDR video sources like Canon Log and Arri Log,
  • Quadro P6000 (required for UHD resolution) Support for GPUDirect Video I/O,
  • Nodegraph processing performance improvements,
  • Reality Keyer 3D Mask options in addition to the Garbage Mask. ( Force Fill Mask & Spill Bypass Mask)
  • Ring buffered & genlocked Video I/O,
  • User-defined material and blueprint nodes