Eleague announces updates to esport offerings

Eleague has announced a string of updates to its eSport tournament offerings and other content for the upcoming season, including biometrics, virtual reality and advanced analytics. 

“These latest technology and product enhancements will further improve the fan experience, creating even more opportunities to engage with our Eleague Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Premier content,” said Robert Occhialini, vice president, esports products and technology at Turner Sports in a statement. “We’re looking forward to working closely with our technology partners as we continue to drive innovation across our growing esports portfolio.”

Eleague will use technology from Dell’s gaming division, its official PC hardware provider, to integrate with Tobii eye tracking technology.

Through the use of micro projectors and sensors, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players’ eye movements will be tracked and analyzed by Alienware PCs to create an immediate gaze overlay highlighting precisely where the player is looking throughout his or her play.

This will give gamers and viewers a new level of situational awareness and show split-second reactions, providing insight into how players may react and process high-pressure scenarios.

Eleague is also partnering with Sliver.tv to give audiences access to a 360-degree virtual reality stream of Eleague’s live coverage of Premier matches. 


This will allow fans to “step inside” the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game map in an immersive, interactive format not possible before. 

Virtual reality can be experienced in a wide variety of platforms, including on the web, iPhone, Android, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Daydream and Google Cardboard.

Sliver.tv will also provide 2D game feeds from within the virtual reality environment. 

Dojo Madness’ Shadow.GG platform will also be integrated, giving Eleague viewers access to advanced data visualizations such as heatmaps, smokemaps and pathmaps along with tactical and statistical replays.

Analysts and viewers will also have access to Shadow.GG’s data-based method to identify teams’ strategic tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.