You can’t use your Matt Lauer stickers in iMessage any more

The scouring of Matt Lauer from “Today Show” platforms continues — and this time he’s been peeled off the digital sticker pack the show created for Apple Messages users.

“Today” first added a free sticker pack to the Apple Messages App Store in September 2016, featuring a combination of illustrations, photos and animated GIF-style imagery that users could use to “stick” to messages with friends.

For example, you could pick a cartoon image of Carson Daley with the line “mic drop” or Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Hotb clinking wine classes as well as multiple images of Lauer. 

The selection of images has since been updated, however, to remove any images of Lauer.

NBC has not, however, updated the App Store for iMessage listing to remove Lauer’s name. Screenshots of the app in the store also still include Lauer’s name listed.