‘The Four’ production design sends singers into the ring

Fox’s new reality singing competition, “The Four: The Battle for Stardom,” is taking viewers ringside with a circular inspired set and graphics.

The logo, rendered in a thick, italic font with metallic treatment and the “O” replaced with a glowing ring element.

The show’s main performance area also takes on the shape of a circle and juts out into the studio audience. The stage platform itself is outfitted with circular LED accent lighting and a dark, shiny surface, creating a look that’s reminiscent of a vinyl record.

The twist of “The Four” (not to be confused with Fox News’ “The Five”), according to Fox, is that the show starts where most singing competitions end — with the finalists. The idea is that these four singers, selected by the show’s producers as “finalists,” have to battle it out against newcomers culled from across the country to keep their spot on one of the coveted four positions, hence the show’s name.