Full moon sets on ‘Conan’ as show switches to new set

TBS’sConan” has debuted a new set after eight years on the previous look — a design it had used since host Conan O’Brien debuted on the network with notable changes to the familiar faux moon and main background.

The new look features a small model of what is presumably the Warner Brothers lot — the show films there on Stage 15 — set against a dusky sky of blues, violets and pinks as the primary background behind the host desk and interview area.

During the first show on the new set O’Brien joked the model is made to appear like the Warner Brothers lot, but for copyright reasons, it is not the same lot, so the show doesn’t have to pay royalties.

Above the miniature lot, a crescent moon takes the place of the oversized full moon the previous look featured.

The show’s old set

Instead of this familiar icon, a smaller, more subtle crescent moon icon floats about the set.

The interview area also trades grayish armchairs for red ones, while the desk’s wood tones are a bit darker. 


Behind the desk, “Conan” previously featured a decorative copper toned band and wide landscape view with deep blue water and lights dotting the hills on either side.