Avid launches all-in-one solution for sports and live event production

Avid announced the release of Maestro | Live this week, a new all-in-one sports graphics solution that combines data-driven graphics, sports enhancements, and video playout.

“Sports broadcasters face the challenge of engaging audiences in new and innovative ways and need a solution that is economical, powerful, and easy to use,” said Alan Hoff, vice president of market solutions at Avid.

Maestro | Live was created specifically for the live nature of sporting events, enabling the operator to respond quickly to the changes that take place during live broadcasts.

“Maestro | Live delivers with a system that handles video and UHD-quality graphics and enables sports broadcasters to deliver stand-out productions that move at the pace of the game they’re covering.”

Maestro | Live supports both 1080P and UHD along with various data feeds. Click here for more information on Maestro | Live.