Kathie Lee and Hoda get new view, too

On Monday’s show, Gifford opened the show alone — with Kotb entering the studio from the entryway to the right of the video wall alcove on the “winezoni” — a nod to her abscence from the broadcast during Olympics coverage.

Kotb drove the vehicle into the middle of the production area, with the studio’s logo installation illuminated in bold yellow, before joining Gifford at the glass anchor desk the pair previously used.

The second floor of Studio 1A has not been abandoned, however. The upper level, which features vertically mounted video panels that can switch between mimicking windows or display topical and branded graphics, is still used as an alternate venue.


Back down on the first floor, the video wall is also used to display an illustrated interpretation of the upstairs set, such as during a giveaway segment at the end of a broadcast. 

The new Studio 1A was designed by Clickspring Design with fabrication by Mystic Scenic Studios. The Lighting Design group lit the space with LED technology from Leyard.